Mandala di Sara Roizen

pubblicato 11 mar 2018, 04:30 da Annalisa Ippolito   [ aggiornato in data 11 mar 2018, 04:31 ]
“Art is a ripening, an evolution, 

an uplifting which enables us to emerge from darkness into a blaze of light.”

Jerzy Grotwoski

"I realized that no time or energy had been wasted in creating this collection. I will always make art, whether or not I have a specific show scheduled. It’s my daily medicine. It brings me joy and imbues my days with a greater sense of purpose and connection. There is a good chance I will find a new place to show this body of work. In the meantime, I will keep creating…because that’s what I do!"

Photo and text from the web: Vinyl Record Mandala acrylic on vinyl Sara Roizen

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